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Junior Colleges Moving Football To the Spring

The National Junior College Athletic Association is set to announce that it will be moving its football season to the spring. The announcement will come after the NJCAA’s presidential advisory council recommended on Thursday that a “majority” of competition move to the spring.

“We must adjust accordingly to support and sustain NJCAA programs. The association as a whole is collectively working to provide the best opportunities to be successful on and off the field for our student-athletes.” — NJCAA president Christopher Parker

We also have the SEC meeting to discuss their own fall sports season. There is a decent chance that they follow the lead of other P5 conferences and focus on a conference only schedule.

Everyone seems to be waiting on the NCAA to step up and (1) set some tight guidelines for sports participation built around Covid or (2) just move or shorten the football season.

Here is why the NJCAA’s announcement matters.

For teams that have leaned on the JUCO talent base this is going to really complicate the 2021 recruiting cycle. With the NJCAA season starting after national signing day how do you recruit?

Do you pass up guys like Khalil Hodge and Joey Banks? Do you take more chances on players who have not burned in two seasons?