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Watching Videos of UB Incoming Players — Cheyenne McEvans

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Buffalo vs UConn David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The first thing you need to know about incoming freshman Cheyenne McEvans is that she was the valedictorian of her high school (Southfiled A&T, Southfield, MI). And she found out that she had earned that honor when a police caravan rolled through her neighborhood (keeping a safe distance due to COVID-19).

You might also want to know that she’s a pretty good basketball player, earning First-Team All-State in D1, averaging 18 points and 14 rebounds and 4 assists as a senior. That’s a lot of rebounds for a 5–10 guard. She has recorded at least one triple double during her career at Southfield, and scored 39 of her team’s 55 points in her last game at Southfield.

On the court, McEvans is a very athletic player. She plays smooth and easy, and makes the game look simple. In these videos, there are no break-your-ankles shake-and-bake moves, just straight ahead effectiveness. In the first video, at about 1:10, she makes an impressive play, she is dribbling, trips and falls, but maintains her dribble and eventually gets back up, dribbling the whole time. At about 1:50 of the first video, she gets an offensive rebound on a missed free throw.

McEvans will join a very talented group of guards for UB next year, making me wonder if perhaps given McEvans’ rebounding ability, might she play on the front line? But the front line is strong too.