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Watching Videos of UB Incoming Players — Jazmine Young

Jazmine Young is a 5–8 junior guard transferring to UB from Tennessee State University. She led the Tigers in scoring as a sophomore with 12.4 points per game, and was voted the team’s MVP.

SheHoopsTV has just posted a highlight reel of Young’s sophomore season. In it, we can see many attributes that UB Women’s Basketball fans have come to recognize from guards such as Stephanie Reid, Cierra Dillard and Dyaisha Fair.

Young is a ferocious penetrator, able to break down opponents with a wicked crossover dribble. Once she gets by the defender, she shows a variety of moves to get her to the basket, and can score on what sometimes appears to be wild shots. She can also make the quick pass to a teammate on the same play.

In the open court, on one play in the video, Young makes a Cierra Dillard style 40 foot bounce pass to a streaking teammate for an easy layup. Perhaps the most impressive play (in my opinion) begins at about 4:46 of the video, Young scores on a coast-to-coast, one-on-two fast break with a behind the back dribble to avoid dribbling into a double-team, and then banks the ball off the glass.

Young also shows great quickness on defense, something that UB women’s basketball guards have excelled at over the years.

Young is seen knocking down a bunch of three pointers, including one from way beyond the arc. But, in that area, her statistics weren’t particularly strong, as she hit only 14 three pointers all season, and shot under 30% from three point range.

As a senior at Dominican High School in Milwaukee, Young averaged 21 points and 7 rebounds, and made the honor roll.

She is one of three newcomers on the Bulls roster, along with incoming freshman Cheyenne McEvans and Sophia Öjhammar.

By the way, SheHoopsTV is a new organization putting together highlight reels of women’s basketball players. I thought they were only going to cover WNBA and international ball, and the video for Jazmine Young is the first one they have done for a college player.