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Help Wanted

Life moves us forward and roles change.

Over the past 18 months the entire Bull Run editorial board has had serious life changes. Weddings, graduations, new jobs, kids (plural) entering High School. All of this has strained our ability to keep the content coming at the pace we are used to, especially in the off season.

Our two paid contributors have decided to participate on the site in the same way they bloggers have done for years, as unpaid fans who will write something up when their fancy strikes them.

By doing this they are freeing up the two paid slots for contributors to Bull Run. These are small (very small) stipends available monthly for new contributors.

On Bull Run, given our size, we ask that a paid contributor put together one piece per week on a topic of their choosing during the off season, and during the sports seasons they add an additional short form piece which helps cover an athletics event.

Bull Run grew well with it’s focus on all UB sports. So these slots are open to people who want to cover any UB sport. If your interest is in any sport offered by Buffalo then that can be the main focus of your coverage.

If you’re interested in one of the two stipends please let me know in the comments, if not I would still love to see the fanshots come in as they are really helping to keep the community engaged while I adjust to homeschooling the kids.