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Bobcats put UB in a hole and keep them there...

Ohio v Buffalo Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

There are slow starts and there are impossible starts. UB has been something of a slow starter all year but by allowing Ohio to get out to an 18-0 lead six minutes into last nights game UB took their propensity to be slow out of the gate to a whole new level.

UB lost the first 6:32 of last nights game 18-0, then won the remaining 33:28 69-62. Several times UB closed to within 2-3 scores but the initial debt was just too much to overcome.

In a way, maybe this can be a nice wake-up call to the players and the coaches who don’t seem to be locked in at tipoff. When things shake out this season that six minutes against Ohio is what might force UB to play a campus round game in this years MAC tournament.

But it was not just that first six minutes which was troubling, Buffalo was out rebounded (39-36) for the first time since the MAC opener Jan. 4. And during the middle of a run to get back into the game a missed dunk by Antwain Johnson turned the tide against UB.

The play by Johnson was uncharacteristically selfish, something neither he or the Bulls as a whole are known for. Johnson had an easy pass to make and decided to try to put some energy into the comback. It backfired.

Jeenathan Williams rolled his ankle mid way through the first and didn’t come back in afterwards. I’ve not yet seen an update.

The Bulls are still seeded 4th in the MAC but they face Both Akron (home) and Bowling Green (Road) in their last three games. Holding on will be difficult given the somewhat easier schedule teams like Kent, NIU, and Ball State are sitting on.

Next game is Akron at home on Saturday.