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Patterson declares for the NFL draft

MAC Football Championship - Ball State v Buffalo Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Buffalo running back and all-american Jaret Patterson has declared for the NFL draft, by doing so he has decided to forgo his senior season at Buffalo.

Patterson ended the year on the sideline, after being taken out in the conference title game by a questionable “gator roll” tackle. But even missing the last six quarters of football he managed to put together his third consecutive 1,000 yard season.

Year Att Yards YPC TD
2018 Jaret Patterson 183 1013 5.6 14
2019 Jaret Patterson 312 1799 5.8 19
2020 Jaret Patterson 141 1072 7.6 19

If given the six quarters he probably would have caught Branden Oliver for the schools all time mark, as it was he fell just 127 yards short. There have been days where that was a quarters worth of work.

Last Year ATT Yards TD YPC
Branden Oliver 2013 866 4011 33 4.63
Jaret Patterson 2020 636 3884 52 6.11
James Starks 2008 698 3140 34 4.50
Alan Bell 1992 682 3022 21 4.43
Anthone Taylor 2015 554 2651 18 4.79
Kevin Marks 2020 519 2621 28 5.05
Anthony Swan 1996 586 2448 20 4.18
Jordan Johnson 2016 446 2212 19 4.96
O.D. Underwood 1987 438 2,062 23 4.71
Lee Jones 1967 414 1570 13 3.79
Willie Evans 1959 245 1559 9 6.36
Derrick Gordon 2001 347 1528 9 4.40
Josh Roth 1999 330 1488 11 4.51
Dave Dawson 2005 251 1402 6 5.59
Pat Patterson 1969 323 1369 11 4.24

Currently CBS has Patterson ranked as the second best running back in this years class and in the top 70 overall. That’s a lock for a day one pick and it could very well mean a first round pick.

And with that defenses around the mid-american conference breathed a small sigh of relief, but only a small sigh.

Kevin Marks has proven time and time again that this offense does not miss a beat when he is on the field. As the #2 man to patterson for the better part of three seasons Marks has himself managed to climb up to #6 all time for Buffalo and could very well catch Patterson’s career totals next season if the Buffalo Offensive line returns to form.

Marks stepped in against Marshall and had the most impactful individual performance, winning the player of the game for Buffalo. The Bigger question for Buffalo is who fills the number two role?

Ron Cook Junior has the most experience, but there is a lot of untested talent among this years underclassmen. It should make for some fun position battles to watch this spring.

Jaret, if you happen to read this. Thank you for three amazing seasons, I really wish you nothing but success in the future and will be cheering for you on Sundays.