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BRuWPeG - Final

Got myself deep in the holidays, and busy with work at the same time. So since the bowl game I’ve been kind of quiet. Hoping all that clears up when I go back off call in a few days.

In the mean time... Another first for 2020

I. Won. BRuWPeG.

Against Marshall everyone scored one point, because nobody saw it as a game when the Buffalo offense would struggle to finish drives and that the defense would be so dominant.

Blog Father 19
flnewts2018 13
121Merrimac 12
UBBulls98 12
LK4 12
Majortomxiii 11
PE21 11
Markscranton 11
Dave Brand 11
Verandaman 10
Buffalo Super Fan 8
rma116 8
zigo230 9
Arborhill 7
Daveysbrew 8
CTBullsFan 7
TawJackson 7
MartinDB 5
UBFan2001 3
ChicagoBull 2