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BRuWPeG - The Bowl Edition

MAC Football Championship - Ball State v Buffalo Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Last week, well, we all did pretty bad. Dave was the only person to score more than a point, so he wins the week with a three point pick.

That sets up the final week leader board as follows.

Blog Father 18
flnewts2018 12
121Merrimac 11
UBBulls98 11
LK4 11
Majortomxiii 10
PE21 10
Markscranton 10
Dave Brand 10
Verandaman 9
Buffalo Super Fan 8
rma116 8
zigo230 8
Arborhill 7
Daveysbrew 7
CTBullsFan 6
TawJackson 6
MartinDB 4
UBFan2001 2
ChicagoBull 2

So does UB bounce back after the loss? How will the game play out?