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MAC Power Rankings

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 12 Akron at Buffalo Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Buffalo 1 0 Buffalo's had a dominant season, but they have not been very tested this year. Their wins came over teams that were otherwise 0-5, 0-4, 1-4, 2-0, 3-0. The Best win coming over Kent State and Miami.
2 Ball State 3 1 Ball State started the year tough but spent the rest of the season winning, usually with some second half heroics. They can not be overlooked by Buffalo, as they proved against WMU.
3 Kent 2 -1 The hardest part of this season for Kent State might have been missing out on two games which might have made them 5-1.
4 WMU 4 0 Western kind of fell apart in the last couple of games, a solid season but not being able to close games killed them at the end.
5 Miami 5 0 Miami lost too many games to really know how good they were. They did beat Ball State, got beat up on by Buffalo, then had a couple of weeks off.
6 Toledo 8 2 Toledo lost two games by a total of three points, and those games were against Ball State and WMU. In other words, they were they most consistent and predictable team in the West
7 CMU 7 0 Central loses a tight game to Toledo. The close loss is a solid microcosm of a 3-3 season that was on track to compete for the west.
8 EMU 6 -2 EMU was in pretty much every game they played, but were just not strong closers, that's the difference between 2-4 and 4-2.
9 NIU 9 0 NIU was a very good 0-6 team, and as a program will be competitive within two year
10 Ohio 10 0 In three games they only beat Akron and Bowling Green. Then they lost three games to Covid.
11 Akron 11 0 Akron finished "not last" which is all they really could have hoped for this year. As a program there is little signs of progress.
12 Bowling Green 12 0 The Falcons have "on the field problems" and "off the field problems". They are probably an easier rebuild than Akron, but it's going to take a couple of years.