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MAC Power Rankings : The Buffalo / Kent show

Kent State Golden Flashes v Buffalo Bulls 9-19-2012 Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

No game will be more meaningful this week than the contest between the Buffalo Bulls and the Kent State Golden Flashes. The teams have, combined, scored more than 100 points each of the last two weeks and are both 3-0 atop the MAC East with just three games left.

Right now it’s hard to find and room between Buffalo, Western Michigan, and Kent. I was tempted to make them all 1(tie) but that’s the cowards way out.

Buffalo is in first because they host Kent and because their best win (over Miami) is better than Kent’s best win. (Kents opponents are a combined 0-9 on the season while Buffalo’s are 1-7).

WMU actually has the best resume of the three, beating 2-1 Toledo and 2-1 CMU. So maybe my blue tinted glasses are in full effect.

Regardless after this week things will be pretty clear in the East and if WMU whomps on NIU more than UB did then maybe they prove their are the top dog.

So where am I wrong, where am I right?

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Buffalo 1 0 Jaret Patterson finished the last several games of 2019 by putting up mind blowing numbers every week. The Bulls hope his 300+ yards last week was the start of a similar run in 2020
2 WMU 2 0 CMU gave the Bronco's a run for their money but WMU Appears to be the best of the West. With 3 games left they play two 0-3 teams and 2-1 BSU
3 Kent 4 1 Kent has been a team on my radar all season and the upcoming game with Buffalo seems like a division title game. What we know: Kent scores points in buckets
4 Toledo 5 1 A convincing win against EMU helped the ROckets shake off the week two loss to Western Michigan but in a shortened season it's going to be tough to catch teams with a tie breaker
5 CMU 3 -2 Great comeback attempt by CMU but you can't spot too many MAC teams a 23 point lead. Four of WMU's touchdowns were on passes of 30+ yards.
6 Miami 6 0 Missing the Battle of the Bricks hurts Miami's chances of catching Kent/Buffalo. They now need to win out (Kent / BGSU) and hope UB loses two.
7 Ball State 7 0 Ball State has a chance to rocket up the rankings over the next few weeks. They have Toledo, CMU, and then the Broncos. Like a lot of teams in the conference right now, they control their destiny.
8 Ohio 8 0 Unlike MIami the cancellation of last week's game did not end Ohio's control of their own fate. They have Buffalo and Kent in their final two weeks, win out and they win the East.
9 NIU 11 2 Plucky for such a young team. NIU is going to lose a lot of close games this year but they are learning and could be a factor in the west as early as next seasons.
10 EMU 9 -1 EMU should by all rights be 2-1 right now, but the Eagles can't seem to win the close games this seasons.
11 Bowling Green 10 -1 The bad news for 2020 Bowling Green? 60-something freshman on the roster! The good news for 2022 Bowling Green? 60-something juniors on the roster?
12 Akron 12 0 Akron's offense improved marginally last week, putting up 35 points. They have Miami this week and then an epic MAC Pillow fight against BGSU in two weeks.

Note: I’m not sure how the tiebreakers are going to work with Miami and Ohio missing a game. It’s possible for Buffalo to win this week, lose to Ohio, and finish 5-1 while Ohio could finish 4-1 with a tie breaker over Buffalo.

I’m assuming that Buffalo would win out in that scenario. But if I’m wrong then it is indeed Ohio that controls their own destiny.