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Ball State Loss - Three quick thoughts

Buffalo v Connecticut Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

1 - In a vacuum this is a bad loss, in context it creates genuine concern.

I said after NIU that I’m not ready to play the “Can Whitesell win” game, and that’s still the case. I still think most of this teams problems are the result of replacing five of your top six guys, especially when the outgoing cast was among the best UB has ever had.

That being said, I would be lying if I said that I was not becoming more concerned with some things I see from the team. A lack of intensity on defense, poor shot selection, and passing without purpose are all things which don’t show up on a stat sheet but are hurting this team.

A part of these things falls on the coach.

2 - If you’re not going to defend well, you might as well shoot free throws well.

Right now UB would be 1-1 in conference if we could shoot free throws, going under 60% as a team multiple nights in a row is not acceptable.

3 - Brock looked decent for a guy coming back from injury

Considering he was in a boot about a month ago Brock is coming back nicely and could hopefully add a dimention to this team as conference play wears on.