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Buffalo Bulls Defeat Temple Owls 38-22

Buffalo v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The two teams came into this game moving in opposite directions. Temple was undefeated and was coming off a solid win over a ranked Big Ten Opponent. Buffalo was smarting after getting smashed by Liberty.

And, for the first series, it looked as if Temple was going to keep rolling.

UB started running the ball strong but their first two back to back pass attempts were a sack and a pick. Temple took the interception and went right down field to take a 7-0 lead.

Buffalo though collected themselves, drove down the field and freshman Jackson Baltar hit a 52 yard field goal. At 7-3 UB was keeping themselves from falling apart.

Instead it was Temple who started to crumble.

The Owls made mistake after mistake, including a missed snap on a punt that handed the Bulls the ball inside the redzone.

And UB made them pay.

Temple was not able to stop the UB running game as the Bulls ground down the Owls with a running attack that see Patterson, Marks, and Myers all score rushing touchdowns in the second quarter.

Up 24-7 at the half the defense took over in the third.

They forced multiple turnovers and the Offense put together a solid series to score once more in the fourth before Banks put the game away with a pick-6 that put UB up 38-10.

Temple woke up at this point, but it was too late. They came back with two fourth quarter touchdowns to pull within 16 but the hole was too deep.

UB is not 2-2 coming heading into conference play which starts next week when the Bulls play Miami.