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UB Record Watch RMU

Dollar General Bowl - Buffalo v Troy Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

This year we’re doing to do record watch a bit differently.

Behind the scenes we’re going to keep tracking everything possible but the publish article will focus on a few players per week who are set jump over notable names in the UB books, or who’s performance the previous week should be noted.

Week 1, let’s take a look at the running backs.

Jarrett Patteron and Kevin Marks, last years freshman duo, was so dominant that the pair each moved into the top 30 all time with the program while splitting the duties at tail back.

Patterson is 24th all time and Marks is 30th.

Kevin Marks:

Last season Marks averages about 60 yards per game if he can manage 60 yards against RMU he will move up to number 28 all time, passing Cliff Scott and tucking in right behind Aaron Leeper

Jaret Patterson:

Patterson was putting up just under 70 yards per game last season. If he matches that against RMU he will move up only one spot, from 24 to 23 by pass John Faller, who ran for the Bulls from 1968 to 1970.

It will also put him within shooting distance (one really good 100+_yard game) of Pat Whitehead,

The problem with paling an FCS school is that it’s hard to predict how many touches they will get. Last season six different Bulls got touches and they were pretty well spread out. Then again Last year most people thought the starters were going to be Hawkins and Reed.

This year the team is probably going to have to lean a lot more on the running backs while the quarterback situation gets sorted, and Marks & Patterson are “they guys” so they could have a big game.