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Living in a Hoops Dynasty

Just How Dominant have the past 5 years been for UB Basketball?

2015-2019 Men Women
MAC Win Percent 71% 63%
Next MAC Team 60% (Toledo) 72% (Ohio)
Division Titles 3 1
Next MAC Team 2 (Toledo, Akron, CMU) 3 (CMU)
Semifinals 4 5
Next MAC Team 3 (Toledo, Akron, CMU) 4 (CMU)
Finals 4 3
Next MAC Team 2 (Akron) 2 (CMU)
Championships 4 2
Next MAC Team 1 (Kent) 1 (CMU, Ohio, Toledo)
NCAA appearences 4 3
Next MAC Team 1 (Kent) 3 (CMU)
NCAA wins 2 2
Next MAC Team 0 2 (CMU)

Both the men and women lead the MAC in Trips to the semifinals, the finals, MAC tournament wins, and appearances in the NCAA tournament.

The Men lead the MAC in conference winning percent and wins in the NCAA tournament.

The women are third in win percent, which is something consider that the women play in a conference strong enough to send multiple teams to the dace, multiple times. Speaking of the dance... The women are tied with CMU for the most wins in the NCAA tournament.

So here is the question...

How much longer with this dynasty last?

The good news is that the administration seems to really be ready to invest in the program and they are getting enough buy in from donors to boost that commitment.

Nate Oats could certainly get swept up by a big program that can more than double his salary. Or he can send the next few years building something great in Buffalo waiting for a perfect blue chip job to open up.

Or he could be a lifer, hope springs eternal.

After all, he’s been setting this team up for another great four years. The Bulls may be losing a ton of talent this year but while CJ Buckets and company have been blowing our minds Nate Oats and his staff have been reloading all along. Segu and Williams gave him the best recruiting class in the MAC last year.

They also led the MAC in recruiting in 2016 and 2017. This year they sit at third but if Raymond Hawkins signs the class will jump to one with a bullet. (fun fact, we are competing with ASU for him).

On the womens side Felicia Leggett Jack has done as good, if not better, a job at program building. The women’s side of MAC hoops is top to bottom a lot stronger then the mens side and Jack took over a program that didn’t really know any sustained success.

Buffalo had some great players and competitive teams but UB womens hoops was far behind the mens program when Coach Jack was hired one year ahead of Bobby Hurley.

Since then she has taken the girls to the post season 4 times, three times to the dance and once to the NIT. In 2018 and 2019 the women’s season was so good they were at-large worthy.

She got a contract renewal last season along with Oats and like the Mens coach she is adamant that she wants to be in Buffalo for the long haul if the department proves they are willing to invest.

This of course means salary but also a stand alone practice facility..

But how those things happen is a question for after the season, for now lets just sit back and enjoy the ride.