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Allen Hensell hired away from Buffalo

When you start winning a lot your coaching staff begins to get hired away, while everyone focuses on “the big guy” getting pickup up by a P5 school, it’s more often the case that his assistants get nibbled away by lower division schools.

Hance Alan Hensell was hired away from Buffalo by his Alma mater, the DIII Franklin Grizzlies.

Hensell has been on staff for five years, he was one of Coach Leipold’s first hires as he had been severing at White Water with Leipold.

Hensell has produced an all MAC tight end in three of his five seasons.

In 2017 it was Tyler Mabry, who was named All-MAC First Team after leading all conference tight ends with 27 catches for 230 yards and two touchdowns.

In 2016, it was Mason Schreck, who is now with the Bengals and the year before it was Matt Weiser who set school record for receptions by a tight end with 63.

Congrats to Coach Hensell, good luck at Franklin.

Moving Forward

This is an opportunity for Leipold to go out and hire someone that can continue a tradition of solid tight end play at Buffalo and, perhaps, coach up the special teams which is an area of play desperately in need of improvement if the Bulls are to contend for the conference title next season.