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Buffalo looks to rebound against Canisius

NCAA Basketball: Canisius at Villanova Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

UB started their December home stand with a disappointing defensive effort against Army, and that led to the worst UB loss in recent memory.

The team hopes to bounce back, and win their final three out of conference games, all home dates against the Big 4.

First up is Canisius.

Stopping the Griffs means stopping Reggie Witherspoon’s main weapon, senior All-MAAC guard Malik Johnson.

Johnson leads the Griffs in points, assists, rebounds, and steals. He’s a rare talent and THE key to Canisius winning games this season.

While he’s the key player he does not have to be lights out, along with Jalanni White and Majesty Brandon there is a solid nucleus of talent down Main street.

After Isaiah Reese left the Griffs the team could have really had a down year, but they have managed to play some good ball this year and can beat the Bulls if they catch UB napping.

They already have one Big4 win this season against St. Bonaventure, it’s probably their signature win so far.

This seasons UB team has the bones of a squad that can beat pretty much anyone left on their schedule, but they have a lot of problems playing consistent ball on either end of the court.

In their two ‘bad losses” on the season UB dug a huge hole that they were never able to climb out of.

It’s very similar to what the team looked like in 2016, when Nate Oats took over. That team went 7-6 out of conference, struggled during the middle of conference play, but exploded in Cleveland to reach the NCAA tournament.

Can this years team snap out of it in time to do some damage in Big4 play?

What’s you’re prediction?