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Current Bowl eligibility probability

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Jackson State v Tennessee State Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Let’s just hope we beat Bowling Green next week and eliminate any doubt...

But since people are asking, here is the status of every NCAA team and their probable win total from

There are 80 Bowl games, two are the playoff games which means there is room for 78 teams to Bowl.

There are 110(ish) teams that can still get to 6 wins but among those are a few who have played two FCS games and a lot of those teams play other 4/5 win teams in the coming two weeks.

Buffalo is projected to win seven games at this point, and baring a terrible showing against Bowling Green that seems fair.

If the Bulls lose they will have to rest on their resume and hope they don’t get left behind like they did in 2017.

Compared to a lot of the probable 6-6 Teams, UB has a very solid resume. Their wins in large part are over other 6+ win teams (CMU, EMU, Temple, Toledo) and only two of their losses are “Bad” (Ohio, Kent). Even Ohio should get to six wins before the season is over.

So again.. Win and there is no case to keep UB out, lose and we need to hope our resume is stronger than other 6-6 mid major teams.