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MAC Power Rankings - Chirp Chirp

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 21 Ball State at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Some sense of normalcy is returning after a very wired week 7.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 BSU 8 7 Chip? They have now beaten NIU and Toledo and are 3-0 in MAC play. CMU is one game behind but after that it's a mess
2 Miami 5 3 I said in the preseason that I had no faith Miami could put together a whole season, but here we are in week 7 and the Hawks have not dug themselves a hole.
3 NIU 3 0 NIU has survived coaching change after coaching change but this time they look positively average for a MAC team
4 Ohio 2 -2 Speaking of looking average... Ohio still controls their own fate in the East but this does *NOT* look like a team that's going to run away with the division.
5 EMU 6 1 If EMU wants to compete in the west they needed this win and have no room left for error. On the flip side they are 4-3 with Akron, and Kent on their schedule. A bowl could happen.
6 Toledo 1 -5 Ok I've been away two weeks... What the heck happened to Toledo? In the past two weeks they have been outscored 72-21 by Ball State and BGSU?
7 WMU 4 -3 4-4 with Ball State, NIU, and Ohio on their schedule. The Bronco's could be home this December
8 Buffalo 7 -1 Don't let the shutout fool you. This team's offense is in dire straits they were outscored 14-7 by their Defense.
9 Kent 10 1 Tough loss to Ohio but Kent is proving to not be an easy win on anyone's schedule this season.
10 CMU 9 -1 CMU is doing their darndest to make that one media poll voter look smart. They are #2 in the west but have a rough schedule going forward.
11 BGSU 11 0 Not much to say except they are who we thought they would be.
12 Akron 12 0 Buffalo did everything they could do to keep Akron in the game but the Zips are just superbad this year.