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XFL Offensive Draft Results

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In case you missed it, I almost did, The XFL held their inaugural draft this week.

Because this is the first draft for the league it’s being conducted in positional phases. Before the draft began each team submitted a list of their preferred quarterbacks and the league assigning one quarterback to each team prior to the draft as “tier 1”.

  • Phase 1: offensive skill positions 10/15
  • Phase 2: offensive linemen 10/15
  • Phase 3: defensive front seven 10/15
  • Phase 4: defensive backs 10/16
  • Phase 5: open draft 10/16

Tyree Jackson - DC Defenders - 9th round (Skill Draft)

Jackson was not one of the preferred quarterbacks and was the fourth quarterback taken in the draft. So, I suppose you could say the 12th selected quarterback in an eight team league.

If he wants to get some face time to try and work his way back into the NFL he’s going to have to beat out Ohio State’s Cardale Jones.

Jones spent three years in the NFL as a depth quarterback.

John Kling - New York Guardians - 7th Round (Offensive Line Draft)

Kling has spent several seasons bounding around the NFL and the CFL. He was the fourth Tackle picked up by the Guardians.

James O’Hagan - DC Defenders - 8th Round (Offensive Line Draft)

O’Hagan is the second pick at center for the Defenders, meaning that like Tyree Jackson he will have to beat someone out for the job. In his case it’s going to be Jon Toth who played his college ball at Kentucky