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Introducing: FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL — a Bull Run collection


On December 1, 2014, the world of Football changed forever. On that day, the University at Buffalo finalized a national search and hired Lance Leipold, a then-five-time national champion in Division III Football, to be its new head coach.

The risky move was all the buzz throughout the UBsphere, but fans became increasingly comfortable with the hire as he spoke in his introductory press conference at Alumni Arena. People were in awe that the world’s best athletic director, Danny White, managed to rope in a coach that could some day bring a championship to the jaded, but hopeful people of the nickel city.

The news media were still skeptical, however. They were ready to tear down the city’s new hero before he even brought in the moving truck. They wondered how a coach from Division III could navigate the transition to a much tougher level of football that the Bulls of Buffalo competed in.

The question was uttered, and the wolves thought they won the battle of words. But, the football man delivered the most tremendous of answers. It was one of eloquence and confidence, as it could put a child to sleep with its calm, poetic nature, but also rally thousands of men into a war cry. Putting what he said into words will never give it justice.

So, what did he say, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you:

Football is Football

The packed Alumni Arena erupted into cheers and that weird whistle that people do in the movies that I can’t figure out myself.

“This is our guy,” some dude in attendance said.

Over the next few years, the fans soon grew doubtful that LL Cool Coach – his given name by the fanbase – wasn’t what they had envisioned. A 2-10 season can definitely make the crazies that say ‘#hornsdown’ and ‘drop to FCS’ seem somewhat reasonable.

“How am I supposed to tell my kids that we live in a world where football isn’t football,” that same guy I mentioned earlier questioned.

That guy was right. If Football wasn’t Football, what other sports have fallen on our watch? We could only be for certain that Basketball is Basketball after the success of Nate Oats.

Although Buffalonians grew weary over UB Football’s future, the diehards continued to pray and make sacrifices for the football gods. Surely, they’d hear their pleas.

Then, something changed.

The Bulls put a pounding on DelawareState. Then they marched to Philly and clipped Temple’s wings, followed by wins over a directional Michigan with a funny looking water tower and the Scarlet Knights of the State University of New Jersey (Which by the way brings the NYC market to the B1G).

“Football IS Football,” the guy loudly proclaimed from his living room, and there was much rejoicing.

Here at Bull Run, we were excited that the eloquent phrase of our leader was true, unlike the rambunctious ramblings of his predecessor. So, we decided we needed a way to commemorate its truth.

We scoured the Earth for the most cutting edge of fashion designers and built a supergroup. We tasked them to create a clothing line in honor of our leader, but to keep the branding unified, because if the fall of Danny White’s dream taught us anything, it’s that a cohesive brand is necessary.

The result: FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL -- a Bull Run collection. It’s the best dang clothing line that a blog can create. Prices were originally high, but we convinced the designers to sell at a loss, because the fame generated from creating this line of masterpieces is more than worth it.

This means an average working-class person with 1.5 children and a family dog, like yourself, can own such a shirt or hooded sweatshirt and still provide your 1.5 children with food on the table.

Follow the link below, and get your FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL gear in time for UB’s showdown with Miami of Ohio: The #worststateever.

FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL – a Bull Run collection