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Buffalo Bulls Get Votes in the Coaches and AP Poll

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Throttling a B1G team in their house has finally gotten a few poll voters to take note of UB’s potent offense and opportunistic defense. UB is only one of a handful of undefeated teams left, and they have beaten a couple of teams who may be bound for bowls this year.

Temple and EMU both have pretty decent paths to six plus wins as long as they hold up the caliber of their current play.

Buffalo received six votes in the AP top 25, and two votes in the coaches poll. It’s a modest start, but it’s the best UB has done since downing #12 Ball State in the 2008 MAC Championship game.

Of course there is always reason to look just above us and ask why some of the other teams are ranked higher.

Some... Good... Questions

But for now, four games in to the season one thing is clear.

Army is getting votes and just gave #5 Oklahoma a run for their money. I’ve seen some people say “Beat Army and UB will be ranked”.

While I don’t think a win this Saturday will get us ranked I do think that it will push us into the “first five out” of the polls.

The hardest part will be for the Bulls to stay focused on each and every game going forward, that’s the challenge. Army, Toledo, Ohio, and even Akron are solid squads that can play at our level. If the Bulls let down in any of these games they will jump all over us.

And before you dismiss teams like Bowling Green and Miami I would suggest you go back and watch the late season game between the 1985 Chicago Bears (12-0) and the Miami Dolphins (8-4).

If UB takes care of business over the next three to four weeks they should pop into the top 25 before November. But it’s all on the team not having a let down, which can be difficult in a 12 game season... or hopefully a 14 game season.

Next up Army, one of the toughest tests we will face and a team that destroys unfocused opposition.