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BRuWPEG - Rutgers Results

BRuWPEG Headers
PSSST - BRuWPEG Rutgers Results are in!

Running around Saturday morning frantically trying to get home. I rush to the TV and immediately turn on the Big Ten network. Tyree Jackson drops back. Tyree connects with Anthony Johnson for the Bulls first score. I was able to watch until halftime. It was the best snapshot of Buffalo Bulls football. Even better than MAC championship. It was UB doing whatever they wanted to do. Especially the offense. Hitting receivers no matter who it was. You want a catch, sure!

Oprah says every Bull gets a catch
Oprah Winfrey

The play that amazed me was Tyree rolling to his right. Runs to the Bulls 35 and throws a dart caught by AJ at the Rutgers 7 yard line. Every week a new highlight. My new favorite TJ highlight. This replaces, once again rolling to his right, throwing a perfect ball to AJ for TD versus Delaware State. If I am a Defensive Coordinator, I refuse to let Tyree roll out. Never to his right. I hope that AJ will be fine for Army.

Running BRuWPEG joke is picking a score that includes a missed extra point. Not this week! Nice back to back weeks Adam Mitcheson. You will never kick a field goal again, but nice job with the extra point.

If you look at just these stats, you would say Rutgers won. The won the takeaway battle 2 - 0. Rutgers had more time of possession at 32:33 to UB’s 27:27. First downs was UB 19 to Rutgers 14. Rutgers uses the Danny White math with an announced attendance at 34,574. Rutgers is not all bad. They did produce The Looking Glass.

A very interesting BRuWPEG week. We had the leader forget to enter a pick and drops to second place! What are you doing dbburns? markchicago who made it to the game takes the lead.

We had two pickers tie for weekly high score. John McWhinnie, who also made the trip to Rutgers and denewts.

Tiebreaker goes to best entry.

First is John:

I did better than expected last week, here’s hoping that streak continues...

Spoiler alert: it won’t

UB is the better team and Rutgers was spanked by Kansas. If there's solid play calling and they keep their foot on Rutgers’ throat this should be an easy win.

I think we score our first defensive TD this week as well.

Buffalo “our QB is 6-7 and has a Cam Newton frame” Bulls – 42

STATE University of New Jersey at New Brunswick – Buttgers : 17

A ton being packed in. We first have to take points off for Buttgers. What are you four? There is a dig at NYBI. A shot at terrible ESPN+ announcers with Cam Newton frame every week. No defensive TD’s and our spoiler alert did not work. Hedged his bet so not sure if easy win truly counts.

Second is denewts:

He we go. On to 4-0

UB 42

Rutgers 17

Simple, matter of fact, and strong pick.

The winner? John because he called Rutgers - Buttgers. That takes skills.

BRuWPEG Rutgers Results
BRuWPEG Rutgers Results
J. David Brand