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UB Athletics Enters Partnership with WIVB

Yes I used the classic logo intentionally ;)

UB announced today that it, along with Learfield, have announced a new television partnership with WIVB/WNLO/News4. Channel 4 will become “Official Television Station of UB Athletics.”

As part of the agreement, WIVB/WNLO will carry all 30 episodes of “UB Football Insider” and “UB Basketball Insider.” The football show with air on WNLO on Thursdays at 7:30 pm beginning with the premiere on August 16.

Once basketball season begins, “UB Basketball Insider” will air on Saturdays at 11:30 am, also on WNLO.

The real benefit will come if WIVB starts to give real daily sports coverage to the University at Buffalo sports. Living in the Minnesota Gophers market I can’t go a day without having the gophers summer camp talked about.

That’s right, I have to look at PJ fleck every time I turn the dang news on.

It would be nice if Channel 4 gave UB similar treatment.

WIVB GM Dominic Mancuso stated that “Josh Reed and our entire sports staff look forward to bringing Buffalo viewers and Bulls sports fans the most comprehensive coverage ever of the UB Athletics.”

I really hope that’s true and that the Bulls can start to get their due on the local over the air media stations.