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Mid Summer Predictions

Buffalo v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The other editors and I started talking around the Bull Run water cooler and came up with our season predictions for 2018.

We all see one of UB’s best DI seasons since before Kennedy took office up ahead, but some are just a tad more enthusiastic than others.

* Delaware state

A Unanimous win as picked by the editors. Kevin goes so far as to say that the Bulls should be playing back ups by the second half. Need to make a big statement to keep people excited against a very sub par team

Lance Leipold got stung a couple of years ago with a Talented UB team playing against an FCS squad. Hopefully that experience keeps the Bulls from taking this game lightly.

* Temple

The Longer lived UB fans (Tim and Matt) call this game a loss, and the new guard (Robby and Kevin) call it a win.

I hate calling this a loss, but the last second Hail Mary win in 2007, the Owls’ have owned Buffalo. I think UB matches up pretty well against Temple but for some reason it’s been 10 years since the Bulls brought their “A” game into a match with the Owls.


A unanimous win pick

Robby: “EMU will pose some challenges on the defensive end, especially in the pass rush, but I think the Bulls shouldn’t have much trouble.”

* Rutgers

Only Matt has this game as a loss, the rest think UB can steal a P5 win here.

Kevin: Will be a huge boost for the program to get a P5 win, albeit Rutgers. This is the type of win that can jolt a program forward as the Bulls look to contend with the big programs”

* Army Win

This time it’s the older guys who see a win and the young folks see a loss.

Robby questions if our run defense is up to stopping Army and Kevin believes the Bulls may get caught napping after a big road win against Rutgers

* CMU Win

Matt and Kevin have this marked as a loss while Robby and I have it as a win.

I am a lot less sure of a win that Robby. He believes that CMU is due for a very down year but in the 12 years I’ve been following the MAC I’ve notices the the Chile have a knack at being a decent to good teams in the years you expect them to flounder.

* Akron Win

A unanimous pick for win. With Kevin noting that last season Tyree came back from an injury, cold, in this game and the 2017 MAC East champs still only beat us by a point.

* Toledo

Only Robby sees a win here. While Matt, Kevin, and I all see a set of wideouts that may light the conference on fire, Robby sees a new quarterback.

* Miami

Robby once again plays the odd man out… This time he’s picking the underrated RedHawks and their loaded defense to stop the Bulls.

* Kent Win

Everyone picked a win, and everyone’s reason seemed to boil down to “It’s Kent”

* Ohio Loss

I have this game as a loss, the other editors disagree with me.

I just see that Ohio has seem to have had out number in Athens but Robby counters that this is also a late season game, Frank Solich coached teams are not known for strong Novembers>

* Bowling Green Win

Everyone sees the Bulls closing out the season with a win.


Robby – Overall 10-2 (MAC 7-1)

Kevin - Overall 10-2 (MAC 6-2)

Tim - Overall 9-3 (MAC 6-2)

Matt – Overall 8-4 (MAC 6-2)