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Senior Day 2018: Wes Clark


It’s senior night for the Buffalo Bulls, and today we get to honor, three seniors: Wes Clark, Ikenna Smart, and Gabe Agorioge. These three are a unique bunch of seniors, in the fact that Clark has been here one semester, Agorioge one year, and Smart four years, with him only playing three. This second article, will be looking at the Buffalo career of Wes Clark, and some of the highlights from this season!

Senior Year

While Clark may only have had one semester of eligibility for the Bulls, he’s been making the most of it. What started off on the weirdest circumstances in terms of eligibility, Clark got a chance to play against Syracuse. He was fearless in his first game back since 2016, taking a three on the first possession he played and never looking back. He was hyped up to be possibly the best player on this team, and he’s been the guy on numerous games.

The highlight of his non conference season came in a shaky game against NJIT for the Bulls. Everyone seemed to struggle, expect for Clark, who single handily won the game for Buffalo in OT. He scored 27 in that game and just couldn’t miss going 8-11 on the day.

Since conference play, Clark has slowed his pace a little, but still been a key player to this team. His aggressive style of play is one that we haven’t often, as Clark will take any shot he can get. His ability to get to the rim with his shifty moves is something that we will miss when he leaves us. I’d look for Clark to play in the special year end conference 3 on 3 tournament, because he would be too good to leave off that team.

While we’ve only had Clark for a semester, he’s become such a special part of a great Bulls season. He compliments Massinburg, Perkins, and Harris so well, as they form the big four we need. While I wish the NCAA had let him play the full season, I will appreciate the time I’ve gotten to watch a player at his level. I hope that he can continue his career wherever it takes him professionally, and he continues to represent the Bulls well. We here at Bull Run wish him the best moving forward, and as always, once a Bull, forever a Bull!