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If the MAC Womens Tournament Started Today

When it comes to regular season titles, the UB men have been on top of a dogfight with Toledo all season long. The women have been on the sour end of a dog fight with CMU.

But the women have a good shot at winning it if Ball State, one of the better teams in the conference, manages to knock off the chips this week.

If Ball state knocks off CMU and UB wins their games then.

  • UB and CMU are tied, and split the season series 1-1
  • Against #3 Ball State UB is 1-0 and CMU would be 1-1, that tilts the tie breakers to UB

Now, Ball State is a very good team. Most bracketology sites have them as “next four out” and they played CMU tight earlier this season. So...


But as things stand now we are #2 and the Bulls will fiinsh no lower than that. UB has also clinched the MAC East title.

So here is the tournament bracket.