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MAC Power Rankings - Chips to the Cellar

Central Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Team PR Δ Comment Next
1 Buffalo 1 0 With Ohio winning big the Bulls next two games vs Miami & Ohio are hugely important if they want to win the division. vs Miami
2 NIU 2 0 7-6 is not a sexy win, but winning at BYU is always pretty looking on the schedule. at Akron
3 Ohio 3 0 Absolutely crushed Ball State, The Cats are on a tear but can the sustain it into November? They have had late season problems before... at WMU
4 EMU 4 0 Can't ding them too much for losing to Army, the Black Knights are having a great season... Plus many of the teams below EMU laid an egg vs CMU
5 Miami 6 1 Miami is both one game out of the MAC East lead *and* two games away from being eliminated for a Bowl, this week is huge for them. at Buffalo
6 Toledo 7 1 Toledo with what could be a season saving win, on the road, over WMU. Despite their overall record they are in the hunt for the west vs BSU
7 WMU 5 -2 If you let your opponents best ball carrier to average 9.9 yards per carry, you're going to lose most games. vs Ohio
8 Akron 9 1 After starting the season 2-3 Akron is now 4-3, they are going to need to beat Bowling Green, and either NIU, Ohio, or EMU if they want to bowl. vs NIU
9 Ball State 8 -1 Unless Ball State really rallies late this season they may need a new coach to replace their Neu coach. at Toledo
10 BGSU 11 1 Part 1: Bowling Green and Ket are each looking for their first win over a MAC and FBS opponent this week. vs Kent
11 Kent 12 1 Part 2: The Falcons are under an interim coach and Kent is breaking in a new coach who is 1-7 so far. at BGSU
12 CMU 10 -2 What's worse than the 1-8 record, and barely a win over an FCS foe is that the Chips seem to be regressing. at EMU