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Bulls make the most of WGRZ coverage

The Buffalo News is answering the questions that I needed answers to...

How well did the Bulls game do as a Saturday feature for them.


1 - It did great

It had a preliminary 7.8 rating on WGRZ-TV (Channel 2). The rating peaked near game’s end at 11.3.

  • 7.8 is a higher rating than prime-time television will typically get Western New York.
  • The News also noted it did better than a lot of Sabres games.
  • It was, however, only a quarter of what the Bills get. (But a quarter of the Bills audience is really all UB needs right now)

2 - It did better than any other College football game in Buffalo

That made it by far the highest-rated college football game carried Saturday on the local network affiliates.

  • Of all the games on TV, outside of Buffalo / Toledo the second highest-rated contest was a 3.3 on channel 7’s broadcast of the Ohio State / Purdue game.

3 - It did better against everything

It also was the third highest-rated program locally on Saturday, which is traditionally a low viewing day.

  • It was only beat out by the local and national news

This was exactly what UB needed after the way the Army game played out. I’d argue that a local TV presence on our road games is more important than the Army game was in terms of getting people connected to UB football.

Please, please, PLEASE..... Go to the contact page for WGRZ, thank them for carrying the game and politely ask if they will be carrying the next UB road game (against Ohio) on WGRZ or any of their digital sub channels.