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MAC Power Rankings (Week 8)

Is Ball State really a bottom third of the conference type team? because despite looking pretty good at times they’ve only beaten Kent and CMU, and they barely got by the Chips.

Already the Cards have five losses and they still have Ohio, Toledo, Western Michigan, and a quickly rising Miami of Ohio squad.

Team PR Δ Comment Next
1 Buffalo 1 0 The Bulls are getting off to slow starts on offense but their defense and second half performances have been enough. BYE
2 NIU 2 0 With Toledo and Ball State losing NIU had a great bye week. @BYU
3 Ohio 4 1 About what you would expect against Bowling Green, Ohio's Maleek Irons ran all over the Falcons vs BSU
4 EMU 6 2 EMU not only beat Ball State, they humiliated the Cards. Tyler Wiegers seems to give the Eagles a chance at beating anyone vs Army
5 WMU 8 3 Solid win over Central Michigan. The Bronco's looked "meh" to start the year but they are undefeated in conference play vs Toledo
6 Miami 7 1 Miami played Army as well as anyone this season, they really should be seen as one of three teams who could win the east this year. BYE
7 Toledo 5 -2 The Rockets defense gave UB's O-line fits, but aside from one or two big plays their offense really didn't show up. at WMU
8 Ball State 3 -5 Other than playing Notre Dame tight this year all Ball State has done is beat up on Kent and snuck by CMU. at Ohio
9 Akron 10 1 Well if nothing else goes the zips way this year they have the Wagon Wheel. vs CMU
10 CMU 9 -1 Central got smashed by WMU and is now officially out of the bowl picture. at Akron
11 BGSU 11 0 Bowling Green got off to a great start in the Pelini (interim) era, but after that 7-0 beginning to the game Ohio put the Falcons down hard BYE
12 Kent 12 0 I have to hand it to Kent, going for two in OT was playing to win, and when you're sitting at 1-6 on the year that's all you can do. BYE