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Colgate - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Buffalo v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Good:

The early play calling: 17 runs and seven passes in the first quarter, where the hell has this been for three years. It was nice to see Hawkins and Reed force the defense to respect our running backs. It opened things up for Tyree to throw and do some damage with his own feet.

Really as a whole I’m very pleasantly surprised with the play calling this season.

Now the question is this, can we keep running more than passing when we get into conference play? This is going to be a lot harder to do against Ohio than it was against Colgate.

The Bad:

Scratching my hear here....

Let’s go with halftime adjustments. After the half both Colgate’s offense and defense seemed to surge a bit. The talent level difference kept them from really capitalizing on the scoreboard but had they been playing that way the whole game it would have been a lot closer.

The Ugly:

Tackling: It was infuriating to watch our defense time and time again be in position to stop a play but either (1) miss the tackle or (2) have the ball carrier push a UB defender back 3-6 yards.

Combine that with how well the Colgate QB was reading our defense on their draw option plays and it made our defense look wholly ineffectual for a good portion of the contest. The Raiders were a few bad passes away from scoring 20 points.

And the scheme was fine, just poor tackling.