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Bulls During the NFL / CFL Preseason Natey Adjei

Natey Adjei spent two seasons in Buffalo and did not have an impact on the field. But Adjei, who was born in Toronto, has always had breakout speed. So much so that with no NCAA receptions he was still drafted by the Toronto Argonauts in the third round of the 2013 CFL draft.

He never really got a good volume of work in Toronto. He got his first reception against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2014. Overall, in Toronto, he played two seasons as a depth receiver.

Adjei caught 13 passed for 124 yard and a touchdown in two seasons before the Argo’s released him. The speedster was picked up by Edmonton where he spent hte first half of the season on the practice squad.

Half way through the season the Eskimos activated Adjei and put him to work. Once again a depth receiver Natey caught six passed for 54 yards. There have been signs that he has matured as a receiver and may get more chances this season to test his speed against CFL backfields.

Several sites think that Adjei will get a better look this preseason and if he pans out could be a bigger contributor to Edmonton’s Grey Cup hopes.

Beyond being a skill player who is a Canadian national, which is a big plus in the CFL, Adjei has also shown he is willing to work by contributing on special teams.

Look for him to be on the regular roster when the CFL season kicks off.