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So if you had to put some statues up, who would make your list.

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

A discussion in one of our article comments section went down the path of what statues would you put in front of UB Stadium. I can think of only three that would be priorities for me.

Dick Offenhammer - Took over UB in the mid 50’s and turned it into the best small school in the country. It was Offy who led UB to a Lambert Cup, Offy who led UB to their first Bowl invite, and Offy who carried the program into the “Major College” division of college football.

Why A statue: He was the best coach ever to run the program and he took the school to arguably the highest heights it’s ever seen.

Why Not a statue: Most fans don’t know about or don’t appreciate his contributions because the football program was shuttered in 1970 and did not return to division one for more than 20 years.

Turner Gill - Was hired by Warde Manuel back at a time when nobody was returning Manuel’s calls about UB coaching jobs. Gill had a great eye for how to use the talent he had at Buffalo and took three years to turn UB into a winner. Under Gill UB won their first conference title and went to their first Bowl Game.

Why a statue: He made Buffalo fans Believe that UB could succeed at the FBS level. He took a team that was an utter joke and turned them into conference champions.

Why Not A Statue: He left, and he left for the Coaching Murder house known as Kansas Football.

Khalil Mack - Buffalo has it’s share of NFL players but Mack stands head and shoulders above the rest, it’s not even close.

Why A Statue: Mack is already seen as a top 10 player in the NFL, he will bring more attention to what can happen at Buffalo than a G5 bowl game.

Why Not A Statue: Aside from enjoying his play at Buffalo he’s not funded “The Khalil Mack Field House”.

So what do you think? Did I miss anyone?