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WGR’s Nate Geary can’t logic

But man can he move goalposts!

We interrupt this episode of “Everything wrong with Sully’s last UB Football piece” to bring you an example of why ignorance from the Buffalo News about college sports is so dangerous.

Nate Geary does color commentary ans sideline reporting at Time Warner Cable Sports Channel for WNY High School Football. He has a voice in the Buffalo sports community, and without thinking he pulled up a chair to Sully’s dumpster fire and started clapping.

It starts with this:

Now this is the piece I talked about last night. Basically it was a “UB should drop to FCS” which would mean a big loss of money.

He get’s into it with some UB fans and arrives at this steaming pile.

You can tell Nate’s been drinking the TBN kool-aid for a number of years. Because the news has been steadily lowering the number of people at UB games over the years. It went from 12, to 10, and now whenever they want to bitch it’s down to 5.

Kevin, who is a Bull Run community member, points out we sell, on average 18K tickets a game.

Now, this is important, the reason what we sell is relevant is because Nate brought up money. He said “they get 5,000 fans to games, spend $70,000 for staying in hotels for home games...”

It should be noted that the $70,000 UB spends is for the entire season, so it’s about $12,000 per game.

But that’s not really the point, the point is Nate brought up MONEY.

So given UB sells about 18K tickets per game I asked, what I thought, was a reasonable question.

Ok, two things here.... He’s not pivoted over to the concert series and he’s presented the idea that we needed the concerts to be above NCAA attendance minimums.

I tried to reason with him.

This proves that Nate is ignorant. He’s either ignorant about NCAA requirements or he’s ignorant about where UB was before the concerts.

So Nate, let me help you out: The NCAA requires FBS schools have an “Average at least 15,000 in actual or paid attendance for all home football contests over a rolling two-year period.” (Bylaw

Being a nice guy, I decided to give him some facts..

The concerts started in 2013, so.... UB had an average of 15,500 people in the two years preceding the concerts. IOW they were already in compliance.

When confronted with facts Mr Geary decided move the goal posts. And when Geary decides to move the goal post, he does not mess around.

So what did 45K have to do with anything? Well he went out and looked at the NCAA average attendance because his “NCAA Minimum” crap fell apart.

He then went on to run away from the conversation, block me, and preen in his newly created echo chamber about attendance. It was, frankly, pathetic.

The only reason I’m bringing this to the community is to demonstrate why I push so hard against guys like Sullivan and Gleason. Their venom poisons the smaller media outlets and the people of Buffalo.

If Nate Geary can take a POS article like the Sullivan piece as gospel truth, what’s it do to the average guy who has no reason to understand college athletics beyond the game itself?

Buffalo is a mid major, it’s shown over the past three years that when promotions are run right it can draw 20K+ fans, it’s also shows under Turner Gill that when coaching does it’s job it can have winning seasons and go to bowl games.

Nobody thinks we are Ohio State or USC. Anyone like Nate Geary or Jerry Sullivan who brings up those schools is either being intentionally deceptive to their followers or they are just too lazy to have a real conversation on the matter.

So I will continue to push back against the alternative facts that Sullivan and Geary are putting out there.