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Mike McGee Signs With The Cincinnati Reds

Mike McGee - Courtesy

Buffalo Bulls Baseball starts in a couple of weeks and Major league spring training is fast upon us. Time for baseball news.

Mike McGee, a lefty who pitched with Buffalo up to the 2015 season has landed himself a contract to play minor league ball for the Cincinnati Reds.

McGee was a prep ballstrikeout pitcher, both with his Upper Darby High School team and in club competitions as well. Coming out of high school he threw around 90 miles per hour and was, in the words of several of his teammates; "the best pitcher I've ever seen."

Mike burst onto the scene as a sophomore with the Bulls, starting 15 games to tie a program record.

For his career, McGee had 39 starts, ranked in UB history. He is also top ten in innings pitched (190.1/6th) and strikeouts (161/7th).

He capped off his Senior career at Buffalo with a 5.2 inning performance where he struck out 10 batters against Kent State.

Over the past calendar year UB has put three pitchers into the minors. Mike Kaelin was drafted by the Angles, and Blair Lakso was signed this past fall by the Twins.

McGee is likely heading out to Billings to play for the Mustangs or Arizona to play for the reds. Both teams are in “rookie leagues” that sit below the Dayton Dragons, the Reds “A” level team.