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What’s the Feeling After a Bad Game?


We all know what happened in the Bulls game tonight with the NJIT Highlanders. What was a halftime lead of nine points turned in to an eleven point deficit with under eight minutes to go. It was a game in which the Bulls were supposed to dominate through and through but instead went to OT. I haven’t felt this frustrated watching a UB game since *whispers* the Albany football game.

The fact is simple, this was the worst D1 team on our schedule (sorry Central Penn). It was ugly, frustrating, and honestly embarrassing to watch at points. How did this team challenge a top 10 team just last week? Those were mine, and many of our thoughts during the game. Since then, I’ve had time to breathe, think about the game and this team, and realized that maybe, just maybe, everything is going to be okay in the end.

Let’s look at the facts, Buffalo is NOT going to be getting an at large bid. The MAC is just not a two bid conference. It is unfortunate, but it’s the ultimate truth. We would have to sweep MAC play to even get considered is what it feels like. A 27-9 Akron team missed out on the big dance last year, so that tells you what you need to know about the conference. So, this horrible, dreadful, tough to watch win, is in all essence a scrimmage. MAC play starts next week and this may have been a slap in the face to this team: you have to play every opponent tough or you will get exposed. Better they learn this lesson now rather then if they see a Miami(OH) type in the MAC tournament.

As bad as this game was, we all know in our hearts this team is not bad. Perkins didn’t play well, Jordan didn’t play well, our bigs were not strong. Players have bad games, and it just so happened that all of our players minus two chose this one. I do not see this team all struggling in unison again this season. Sure individuals will play poor, but they will rely on their teammates. So don’t start making our guys out to be bad players, just because you have a bad taste in your mouth after this game.

Last year, this team got slapped in the face the first MACtion game. This year it was the game before. I for one am going to take the positives of this game being a much needed wake up call. You can take pride in challenging Syracuse all you want, but if you don’t come ready to play, any team can beat you. So stay positive Bulls fans. Games like this sting, but they will only make this team better in the end, and the ceiling is still miles away.