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Buffalo’s Offense Stalls in Oxford, Bulls downed by Miami

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Miami (Ohio) Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It seems third string is too deep to go and expect Buffalo’s offense to move the ball well. But on Saturday the Bulls Offense was not the only unit that struggled.

The Defense had it’s worst game of the season in a week when offensive injury meant they needed to be at their best.

Miami came into the game as a so-so rushing team and UB’s run defense allowed Kenny Young to gash them for 125 yards and two touchdowns on just 18 carries. The pass defense allowed Billy Bahl, who was just 2 for 46 on the year, to have an efficent 13 for 20 game and while he did not throw for any touchdowns he did have several long throws which set Miami up in UB territory.

Kyle Vantrease was not terrible, but he was a freshman. 17 for 41 for 202 yards and two touchdowns against an interception.

The Biggest disappointment was the coaches who, once again, decided to forego any attempt to get some points towards the end of the first half. With UB down 10-7 the Bulls got the ball at their own 34 with three timeouts and 1:14 left.

Rather than even attempt to move the ball for points the coaching staff showed zero confidence in their offense, their defense, or their special teams. Running the ball twice to let the cock expire. It’s a pattern this season and it has been a costly one.

UB is now 3-5 and with a season ending matchup against Ohio the Bulls have almost no room to breath if they want to sniff a bowl game this year.