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BRuWPeG - Broncos

Western Michigan

We had a tie last week but Majortomxiii snuck the word “winnableish” into his pick and worked his way into two conversations so he get’s the tie breaker.

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

W3: David Brand

W4: MartinDB

W5: Majortomxiii

Things are tightening up at the top with denewts and zigo230 tied for the lead at 20 points each. The next three are LK4, Majortomxiii, PE21 all withing easy striking distance.

The Blog father, Robby, and the BRuWPeG’s kick off champion J. David Brand are all in danger of falling too far off the pace to catch up.

So what do we know about WMU? They are still pretty dang good without the boat rower and have pushed a couple of top 20 teams pretty far. They are probably not the best team in the MAC this year but it would still be a huge upset for UB to beat them.