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BRuWPeG - Miami

Western Michigan

Both Buffalo and WMU looked spent last weekend and both teams ended up losing their games. Unfortunatly for the Bulls that means (1) They fall to 3-4 on the year and (2) Akron is now 3-0 in conference play, the Bulls can not catch them without a little help.

Thanks to NIU missing a couple of field goals nad turning the ball over in a really bad spot is was a very close and low scoring game, which means, once again, you had a gaggle of people tied with one point on the week.

So the tie breaker goes to Calvin for his apt statement “naturally, we’re Buffalo aren’t we.”. Losing your second quarterback, one arguably better than your first, in a big game is a very Buffalo sports thing to happen.

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

W3: David Brand

W4: MartinDB

W5: Majortomxiii

W6: HomeyG1

W7: Calvin

Tim caught up to Robby but both are so far off the pace that catching the lead pack would require some amazing picks in the coming weeks.

With Akron playing surprisingly well all of the sudden Miami becomes a much more important game. It could be argued that if does not win three of it’s next four that they will miss out on the post season again.