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Olympic Summer Preview Podcasts: It's Still August!

It's still the dog days of summer and there's no UB sports teams currently playing, but Matt and I have plenty more preview you work to get you prepared for Women's Soccer kicking off the Buffalo Bulls' 2016-2017 season in just a few short weeks. This evening we'll be taking a look at Women's Soccer star Laura Dougall, discussing who will be the leader of the Men's Tennis, and new faces on Volleyball among others.

As a reminder, we'll be doing these preview videos focusing on different topics from all different Olympic sports until our return to our usual Sunday night podcast on August 21st.

On the docket for tonight:

Women's Soccer: Laura Dougall

Men's Tennis: Who will be the new team leader?

Women's Swimming and Diving: Freestyle depth

Volleyball: New faces we're excited about

Men's Soccer: Catching up on the Lads' Summer Exploits

Wrestling: Potential Breakout Stars and Bounceback Candidates