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The Road Back to Buffalo - Mackay Stadium

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
minimal.0.pngThe Road To 2016
Welcome to:
Reno, Nevada
Home of:
Mackay Stadium
8881814.0.jpgLance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
2016 UB Football Begins in 92 Days
Year: 50 Years Old
Capacity: 26,000
UB Record at Mackay Stadium: 0-1 (13-38 Loss in 2004)
2,441 Miles from UB Stadium
Random Stadium Social Media:
Must've been playing South Carolina?
Over two seasons, Nevada went 6-6 at Mackay Stadium scoring 33 points on average while allowing 28.
Nevada was 3-3 at home winning by an average 29-28 score
Nevada was 4-2 at home winning 28-26 on average. Nevada traveled to UB and topped the Bulls 24-21 at UB Stadium. Average attendance at Mackay was 20,694 excluding the season high rivalry game against UNLV that drew 29,551 fans.
2016 Outlook:
Nevada opens the season at home with Cal Poly and travels to Notre Dame before hosting the Bulls. Nevada returns former UB Coach Brian Pollian and adds Penn State and St. Francis Alum Akeel Lynch (19 atts for 46 yards vs UB in 2015), but they lost their offensive coordinator (Hawaii), former UB HC Jim Hofher (Iowa State) and former UB Running Back Steven King (Bucknell).
Official 2016 Bull Run Nickname:
The Biggest Little Track Stadium in the World
Track around the field, a pain we know all too well
Random Hometown Social Media: