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Buffalo Bulls In The Pros

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It's been a good week for Murphy and another in a string of bad week for Steve Geltz.

First the good....

Murphy is getting back to his old self after suffering a strained left oblique during spring training. In the past week he hasa home run and four RBI's. He is also starting to get back to form behind the plate.

Isotopes Notebook: Murphy regaining his form |

The last time Tom Murphy caught Jeff Hoffman in Albuquerque back on May 6, it was a bit of an adventure defensively. In Murphy’s defense of his defense that night, it was the first time he had caught Hoffman since spring training and the first time he had caught all season.

That was due to the fact the Colorado Rockies’ No. 9 prospect missed the first month with a strained left oblique. It can take a catcher a while to get back in sync with his pitchers.

Geltz has continued to struggle, a lot, as a short term reliever this season for Tampa Bay. There have beena string of games where he has given up runs that cost Tampa Bay the game.

Many twitter jockies have been letting him know it in a rather inappopriate way. With hate and death threats.

Rays reliever received death threats after giving up a game-winning home run | Rays Index
According to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, Geltz has been receiving death threats in social media over his recent performance. Geltz said he remains undaunted by criticism — which he said included death threats via social media — and confident he will work his way through it. … "People are out for vengeance for me. People are out for my head. Social media — they send you just negative, mean (things). Stuff that nobody needs to hear."

In addition to dealing with fans who take the game way to seriously he is still dealing with the inexplicable allergy which hsa caused his eye to swell shut multiple times.

Social media hate doesn't faze Rays' Geltz | Tampa Bay Times
As if the pitching hasn't been bad enough, Geltz got to his hotel room Sunday night and was stricken, for the third time in recent weeks, by an inexplicable allergic reaction that left his right eye puffy and swollen. He pitched through it with a 1-2-3 sixth inning Monday, benefiting from continued medication and treatment as his vision was not affected, and plans to see a specialist when the team gets home. "It was good to get Geltzy back out there,'' manager Kevin Cash said.

Elsewhere Nick Sinay and Mike Bukre should be getting their summer assignments in the next week or two.