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Buffalo Bulls' Matt Weiser Signs a Free Agent Contract with the San Diego Chargers

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

A day after the Washington Redskins offered UB tight end Matt Weiser a chance to tryout for the team another NFL squad, the San Diego Chargers, swooped in and offered Weiser a full free agent contract. It's a move similar to the one the Charges made to acquire Branden Oliver when he had a tryout set up with the Indianapolis Colts two years ago.

Instead of a long shot to even get to spring practices Weiser will not suit up and show what he has against NFL players when the chargers take to camp later this spring.

2012-13 12 1 0.1 15 1.3 15.0 0 15
2013-14 13 13 1.0 154 11.8 11.8 1 34
2014-15 11 15 1.4 286 26.0 19.1 4 50
2015-16 12 63 5.3 625 52.1 9.9 3 41
Total 48 92 1.9 1080 22.5 11.7 8 50

During his senior season Weiser was the fourth-highest receiving grade of any tight end in nation.

The Lance Leipold offense allowed Weiser to shine on a national level but even before the coaching change the senior had shown year over year improvement pointing at a good senior season.

His hands and ability to get past the first tackle showed in 2014 as well as this past season. Coming into his senior year several publications listed him as a tight end to watch. Going from 1.4 receptions per game to 5.3 proved those prognostications correct.

Weiser's pro day numbers have put him in the middle of the pack on the bench.  And he was better than one combine participant in every event and in several evens was in the middle of the pack. That along with his on the field showings drew interest from the 49ers and the Chargers in the weeks leading up to the draft.

Bull Run will be following Weiser and all the Bulls in NFL camps this spring. For more coverage of the Chargers' camp be sure to check out "Bolts From The Blue"