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NFL Draft 2016 Joe Licata signed to a tryout with the Buffalo Bills

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Record setting Buffalo Bulls quarterback Joe Licata has been signed up for a tryout with the Buffalo Bills shortly after the draft ended this evening.

Licata's numbers at Buffalo eclipsed those of all quarterbacks who came before him, including Drew Willy who now starts for the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. A coaching change in Buffalo last season brought a new system which blunted Licata's numbers but his overall body of work put him on NFL radars.

2015 280 449 2969 62.4 6.61 78 16 15 16 123.0 54.0 51.9
2014 224 345 2647 64.9 7.67 92 29 11 16 150.7 67.1 51.2
2013 233 402 2824 58.0 7.03 62 24 8 19 132.7 52.9 45.4
2012 86 163 1045 52.8 6.41 44 7 3 16 117.1 32.1 25.4

What made Licata so effective at Buffalo was his football IQ and composure in the pocket. He was able to stand in the pocket and deliver throws to his receivers under duress.

He's not a dual threat quarterback nor is he the kind of guy you expect to take a broken play for a big chunk of yards. But he has shown the ability to buy a little time in the pocket with his feet and occasionally take advantage of a seam for a decent pickup.

Licata's pro-day numbers would have put him above several of the quarterbacks invited to the NFL combine. He was middle of the pack in the vertical and three cone drills but a bit toward the back in the 40 and broad jump. He's not an elite athlete among NFL quarterbacking prospects but he certainly belongs among them.

Also during the Pro Day scouts from the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers watched Licata hit 37 of 40 passes.

Bull Run will be following Licata and all the Bulls in NFL camps this spring. For more coverage of the Bills camp be sure to check out Buffalo Rumblings