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Bull Rundown: Almost the weekend

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Rundown

Yesterday's News:

The biggie is not super-surprising but good all the same: Raheem Johnson has received a medical hardship waiver for this season and will play with the Bulls next year. Because all UB's opponents needed was another matchup nightmare in the post along Ikenna Smart and Nick Perkins.

Softball and Baseball each wrapped up 0-2 midweek series to area rivals.

The Morning Report:

Robby's basketball season series continues with looks at the early going for both the Women and the Men

Today in Bull:

Track and Field is in Florida for the aptly-named Florida Relays. We'll have a quick recap from the first day up later tonight.

From the Fanshots:

Jeff Quinn has been promoted to the real staff at Notre Dame. It didn't make the fanshots, but Donyell Marshall is one of three finalists for the Central Connecticut State job, which he actually interviewed for in that three-day stretch where lots of folks reported he was off to Rutgers.

On the Docket:

Track recap for sure, and maybe something else from Olympic world. Maybe not.


Not many of our readers were around for Steven Sample's tenure as UB President, but the man in death is remembered as a titan in the University's recent development

But perhaps his biggest legacy was convincing faculty, staff and whoever would listen that the university was a far better institution than they were willing to admit.

"The process was that we began to believe. We believed in our destiny. He lifted us up. He lifted our sights," said Carole Petro, who worked as Sample's chief assistant during the 1980s. "He instilled in us the sense that we could become a premier university."