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Bull Rundown - Daily Updates About UB Athletics

We're trying something new with the rundown. Real life is keeping me up late working so getting these out constantly in the early mornings. I do, however, have some time in the morning while I hook up my coffee iv line to peruse the news and post something.

So for the next little while the Rundown is going to come out just before lunch time in the eastern timezone. Let me know what you think.

The Rundown

Yesterday's News:

Julius Hodge is leaving Buffalo to take up an assistants position at Santa Clara

This Morning's News:

Robby is taking a look at the eventful offseason which preceded UB's MAC basketball sweep this year

I put up an article pointing out UB's leadership is the opposite of "problematic"

Today in Bull: Use the rundown as a sort of game thread for these events

Baseball has a double header at Saint Bonaventure.

Softball has a game at Canisius.

From the Fanshots:

UB baseballs "home" opener has been moved to Saint Bonaventure....

On the Docket:

We'll have recaps up for each of the UB teams competing today


University at Buffalo medical school credited for opioid prescription training - City & Region - The Buffalo News
The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo was among 60 medical schools nationwide cited by the White House on Tuesday for efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.