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Bull Rundown - Moody Huskies

The Rundown

Today in Bull: More Swim Dive Championships at Bowling Green

Yesterday's News: Megan Burns broke the 50 yard freestyle MAC Championship record, MAC record, Cooper Pool record, UB record, and hit an NCAA B Cut with her time of 22.16 in the opening leg of the 200 freestyle relay. After the day two the women sit at second.

Conrad wrapped up his out of scheduling philosophy for Buffalo.

UB Womens Hoops is trying to make a run at a home game to open up the MAC tournament and here are our thoughts about the most recent victory along the way.

From the Fanshots: Brandon Oliver is an important weapon for the Chargers.

On the Docket: Expect to see some a lot of Olympic coverage today. We should also have a preview for Tomorrow's mens gave in Athens.

Elsewhere: You think SUNY has problems?

Imagine a world where the state up and stops sending money to the universities? That's what is going on in Illinois and it is begining to really take a tole on the schools. NIU, and a couple of other schools have been downdraded to near junk status by Moody's.

This all boils down to the fact the Governor and Legislature can't work together. Each side is accuting the other of playing politics with the budget.

The Budget issues are This is on top of the fact that NIU has had a declining enrollment, it's lowest in decades.

It's unlikely that any of the campuses in trouble closes but if one does it's almost certainly not going to be NIU. There are other schools in Illinois in far more trouble.

Should that happen perhaps NIU will pick up a lot of the students. In the mean time it's all about surviving for Illinois universities.

Moody's downgrades NIU

An epic budget battle in Illinois led Moody’s Investors Service to downgrade the credit rating of three of the state’s public universities late Wednesday, the latest setback for schools that have been starved of funding for eight months and now face possible accreditation challenges.

Northeastern Illinois University and Northern Illinois University had their credit ratings lowered to just above junk status, while Eastern Illinois University’s rating is now below investment grade. That means analysts consider revenue bonds issued on behalf of the school to be a credit risk for investors.