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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Things seems pretty set in the MAC up until last week. The teams had established their tiers and the West was even more dominant over the East in regualar season play than they had been.

Then literally every game this past week blew up the status quo. Everything that could shake things up happened, and it started right here in Buffalo.

Akron and Ohio were going to be the two teams playing for the East, the Zips are on their way to their second straight bowl game and all they need for win #6 is to take down the Hapless Bulls. Then something funny happened, Jordan Johnson ran for more than 280 yards and the Bulls crushed Akron.

That same night Ohio was "supposed" to lose to Toledo because the West is all that and the Rockets have been a good team for a very, very long time. But, once again, a running back took the game into his own hands and scored an upset. Dorian Brown had career highs with 212 yards which led to win for the east.

Then came Saturday and two more shakups

The Chips, as you'll all remember, were once the team that upset a top 25 Oklahoma State and looked to compete in the MAC West, if not with WMU for the top spot than certainly with Toledo. They were going for their sixth win of the season and all that stood in there way was Kent.

Down seven going into the fourth Kent scored a touchdown and then hit 35-yard field goal as time expired to take home a 27-24 win.

Finally there is EMU who was/is looking like one of the great stories in College football this season. The Eagles were trying to secure their first bowl bid since the mid 1990's and needed to get by Miami to do it.

Miami jumped out to a 14-0 first quarter lead and never looked back. EMU would make it look respectable at the end but Miami took home the W and set up pressure three weeks for the Eagles. They have Ball State, NIU, and CMU to finish the season and they must win at least one of those games for six wins.

Team Points LW Δ Comment
1 WMU 1.0 1 0 WMU Sat back and watched the chaos, still our concensus #1
2 TOL 2.3 2 0 Only Tim is picking WMU lower than #2. Seems a road loss to #3 did not hurt much
3 OHIO 2.7 4 1 Despite the win over Toledo, both Matt and Robby have the Bobcats behind the Rockets
4 EMU 5.7 3 -1 EMU is now considerablly off the post it was on.
5 CMU 5.7 5 0 CMU loses to Miami but does not move? Blame Matt, who ranke the Chips #4
6 AKR 7.0 6 0 Akron's position stayed the same but only because they are now pretty far off the pace
6 KENT 7.0 9 3 Oh if only Ohio had last, man the MAC East would be a crapshoot right now.
6 MIA 7.0 10 4 That game teams were planning to win over Miami, maybe not so easy this year.
9 NIU 7.3 7 -2 NIU get's teh week off and sees Kent and Miami leapfrong them.
10 BSU 9.7 8 -2 BSU sufferd the same fate as NIU, just too many upsets on a week they were idle.
11 BUF 10.7 12 1 If Buffalo's found an offensive identity they could be a spolier for the rest of this season.
12 BG 12.0 11 -1 Oh how the mighty have fallen.... A uninamous last place pick in the power poll