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ESPN's Bottom 10.... Here we are again

All the way down to number three..

Bottom 10: Houston Cougars grab the coveted fifth spot in the weekly rankings

3. Buffalo Bulls not Bills (1-6)

Should either of the Owls (Rice or FAU) get their acts together, the MAC East stands ready to fill the breach. Or spill the bleach. The first round of the one-and-somethings MACtion bunkhouse stampede got underway last weekend when previously 13th-ranked one-win NIU housed previously eighth-ranked one-win Buffalo 44-7.

So how much worse can this season get.... Well it can get two spots on the bottom ten worse and honestly I'd not put it past us to end up there even *if* the Owls don't get their crap together.

Miami has shown more this season then we have and aside from Bowling Green I don't see anyone else we can hang with.