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MAC Power Rankings Before The Season

When the five Bull Run editors are ased

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 NIU 1.6 - - Still "Top Dog" in the MAC until someone else comes along to knock them off. NIU was picked first or second by all five Bull Run editors.
2 TOL 2 - - Stop me if you've heard this one before "Toledo is in their best position to win the MAC since 2004. Matt and Drew have them as the conference's strongest team.
3 WMU 2.8 - - WMU was picked top four by all the editors. Can Fleck row the boat to a MAC championship? He will start to show up on coaching job short lists either way.
4 BG 4 - - BG has owned the MAC East since they beat Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Stadium two seasons ago. They were picked by all editors to win the MAC East.
5 BSU 5.8 - - Was last season an outlier for Lembo? I've never been quiet about my praise for the hire. He went 6, to 9, to ten wins. Then last year 5-7.
6 BUF 7 - - All five editors picked the Bulls at the seventh spot. As Conrad pointed out in our football preview show UB does have a favorable schedule for Lance Leipold.
7 OHIO 7.4 - - Frank Solich has been retired in Athens since 2005 and in that time he has built the Bobcats into a winner. Ohio's not had a losing season since 2008.
7 CMU 7.4 - - CMU is settling in under John Bonamego after Dan Enos bolted for an assistant job in the ESS-EEE-SEE. Not a total rebuild but can an assistant from Detroit get it done?
9 AKR 7.8 - - Apparently all of the UB editors are ready to "Stop Making Akron A Thing". Everyone had them picked lower than six save Matt.
10 MASS 10 - - Speaking of not making something a thing. UMass took the title on last week's Bulls and Beers. Yea they have a stud QB but in their last year of MACtion we all see a flop.
11 MIA 10.8 - - Miami is on the edge of being decent or phenomenally bad. I honestly don't know where they end up.
12 KENT 11.4 - - It's hard to believe Kent went into the MAC Championship ranked just three years ago. The team fell apart quickly and shows no signs of coming out of it.
13 EMU 13 - - Familiar territory for the Eagles. Last year they sent Jeff Quinn packing but this season we all expect them to finish last.