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Rumor-mill - Buffalo Bulls to play Army Black Knights at Yankee Stadium in 2016

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This falls under the heading of "A friend of a friend told me..."

Bull Run has heard second hand that UB is looking into playing their 2016 game versus Army in Yankee Stadium. According to Future Schedules that game is one of UB's home events in the six game series between the two New York institutions. The game is also just one of two out of conference games set for 2016, the other being at Nevada.

So if this is true are we looking at just five home games in 2016, and one in the Bronx? Or does UB have another way to get fans in Western New York three home games. Looking at the history of games played at Yankee Stadium UB may as well not try to make it up.

Nine football games have been played at the Stadium since it's completion in 2009. The capacity for grid iron contests is 54,251 and most of the contests are played after the Baseball season is over. That means a regular season game between UB and Army would be played in mid to late November, as the venue sets up for the December Pinstripe Bowl.

In the past UB has played its "Black Friday" home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium and the year before Buffalo played Bowling Green, in Columbus, for the Falcons "home" game.

In addition to the Pinstripe Bowl Yankee stadium will host a game this season, on November 11th, between Army and Rutgers. A kindly commentor let me know that wiki was wrong. The Army Rutgers game was moved back to West Point.

A contest between The State University of New York and Army would be a natural match up for the venue. About a third of all incoming UB students are from the New York City area which means there is a lot of friends and family in the Big Apple. West Point is of course just a short drive up from the City.

I have to say again this all falls under wild speculation. I have reached out to sources within the athletic department for confirmation on Friday afternoon but as of today nobody got back to me.

If I hear anything through the department, one way or the other, I will update this piece.